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What is Cellulite?

Cellulite is simply a term that describes the appearance of bumpy looking fat on the body. It is not an actual disease, but it is a condition 
of bulging fat cells and other coexisting factors that result in the appearance of cellulite.

Sometimes the fat cells expand so much that they cause the collagen fibers around them to bend causing puckering of the skin above. There are three layers of fat found in the body. Cellulite is located in the layer of fat closest to the skin. As you age, your skin thins and the present of cellulite is more visible.

Sometimes the fat cells squeeze on the connective tissues (collagen fibers) and there is little room for the lymphatic drainage system to relieve this build-up of fluids, fats, and toxins. Fat in this layer does not respond well to diet or exercise. 

How Does Cellulite Form?

There have been many scientific studies to shed light on how cellulite forms. Based on the research, it is thought that cellulite begins when an accumulation of swollen fat cells develops. The swollen fat cells press on the connective fibers that surround them. Then connective fibers bend and pull the skin downward to which they are connected. The result of these conditions is a puckered look on the surface of the skin, which we call the “dreaded” cellulite.

Why Can't I Exercise to Reduce My Cellulite?

Diet and exercise can affect cellulite, although minimally. It is true that if you gain weight, your cellulite may be more apparent, but diet and exercise alone does not seem to remedy the appearance of cellulite. It does seem, however that a diet high in fiber and water can help flush the system of some of the lymphatic congestion that occurs in the crowded outer layer of fat. 

Is there different types of Cellulite?

If your cellulite is loose, in large areas, and a bit wobbly, it is called soft cellulite. Soft cellulite is the most common type, and luckily it is easier to get rid of. It makes you look like you have poor muscle tone even though you have been working out ferociously.

Hard cellulite is more common in muscular, solidly built women. It has a stronger attachment to the muscles. It too can be treated, however it may take more treatments.

Cellulite can be unsightly and embarrassing. That is why The Cellulite Clinic is committed to our clients that want obtainable, noticeable, results.



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